Our Story

A small child to play games to prepare for life, should establish visions for the future. However, real life is sometimes loads on our shoulders than we expect early responsibility’ is the word meaning heavy. Instead of what will tell you the stories when you’re an adult, I’ve always worked so incomplete leaves. However, happiness is really in the moment. Sometimes you need a little time to shape it’s future, another life will add color to a story that was invented.

Thus begins a journey to the mastery of extending the flavor of our chef. Where the everyday goes to the fields, gathered wood for winter and even snails move back in to the days of childhood years recalls with a smile. Real happiness of cooking the recipe in his father’s “menemen”hidden. Leaving their mark the past and present, of the moment he found a reason to live even a unique recipe. A small garden with old, single-story house they lived in. Tobacco starts in March and October every year in the Black Sea would be done. It was heavy and tiring job tobacco. Sew, dig, crack, stacking and drying it was a tough process. It was the most enjoyable thing to put them together and beading even if the needles hurts the fingers most of the time.

When her mother and her sisters were toddling tobacco, her father picked up her hand-braided basket, picking the most ripe tomatoes from her own garden, the finest onion, garlic and pointed peppers. Of course it had to be painful to say pepper. The crown of the head of menemen. Then take down all the vegetables one by one with care, he would string together with the spices on the counter. Slowly and diligently they all pointed to the same height and thickness.

The food that his father made with a great love in the light music accompaniment on the radio was etched in gold letters in the memory of the future master chef. his father put the tray on the cooker and dumped the village butter on it. When the appetizing odor of the oil began to wrap around, the onion and garlic picked up the order. “The color turned yellow, now it’s time for the peppers,” he said and would have added softly. Juicy garden tomatoes minutely before adding a crackling was heard, then a slight stillness of the hall would collapse, the tobacco coins.

Gently break the eggs and the spices well with wooden spoon after he left, gradually complicated. Our boy remembered his father as a theatrical play, thinking how to cook, how he needed skill, care and love. He sometimes remembered the tobaccos who were hard at work for the stinging needles.

The moment came with the loving voice of his father. -Come on, guys, dinner’s ready. First, wash your hands thoroughly. Rinse your tobacco pitches that is on your hands to the stones so that you can not overshadow the taste of my food …

Here are the final! A full feast.

As on the tray approached the end, the three brothers flicked into a sweet fight each time. All the desires were able to get more share. Unforgettable moments of childhood, this food adventure was a bridge that extends to the future without ever noticing.

Even when a man was cooking menemen, his father’s attention was settled in the mind of our Chief as the main prescription of making a perfect taste.

Discipline, carefully selected materials, Put butter, weak Fire, love, and for that reason, every business has to do with discipline and love…

A small oven, the chief was discovered in the kitchen stove and wooden spoons tray, noble the purpose of life is the source of real happiness. . In those days a small tobacco worker, now a very large eighteen restaurants in operation at the beginning of the professional kitchen. To present you a unique Feast of the miraculous nature of cooking a dinner plate and take discovery to take do not consist of just a written description, in fact it is a matter of heart even such a simple to make meal is created by a team who want to take care of ‘the living Kitchen’la, for engaging in the story of the kitchen in…

Of course, until this day, the only constant in the kitchen of our chef’s prescription. Discipline, love, they collected the vegetables from your own garden, put butter and a low fire.

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